Killing Floor 2 Developers Release 2021 Roadmap Detailing Upcoming Developments And Additions

Killing Floor 2 Developers Release 2021 Roadmap Detailing Upcoming Developments And Additions
Credit: Tripwirse Interactive via YouTube

Tripwire Entertainment’s Killing Floor 2 has a sizeable cult following always excited to cut down more zombies, demons, and whatever else the game throws their way. With endless slaughter always around the corner, players are excited to know what they’ll have coming their way next.

Tripwire decided to give a detailed look into exactly what players can expect, too! The developers have released a roadmap discussing what players can expect to see in Spring, as well as pushing a bit past that into the whole of 2021.

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There’s a good chance that this roadmap can change as time goes on, as one never knows what snags development may bring. Still, this seems to be a rather resolute decision, so players can put a good deal of stock into the announcements being made.

“For 2021, we’ll once again be partnering with Saber Interactive throughout the year to deliver a similar level of content and features to what you experienced in 2020,” the developers write, cementing the partnership that made 2020 such a fruitful year for the title.

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The first bullet point they list is that they’ll be releasing new weeklies for the title. The developers state that they’re looking into two new weekly modes for Spring and that they hope to keep that pace up through the rest of the year to double their numbers.

There are new seasonal events coming as well, though the developers are hushed about the details of what this may mean. They also tease new Seasonal cosmetics, bundles, and the return of the free Cyberpunk Ticket drops.

Tripwire has also partnered with the community creator Sean Nielsen, also known as Synchaoz, to bring a new community map into the official fold. This will likely be focused on an event theme.

New weapons are coming as well, including one new weapon that they’ll release as part of a paid bundle. Players will also be given a new HRG weapon for free, so it won’t be exclusively paid content, which is a big relief for many players.

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They also are promising a great deal of Quality of Life improvements and balances, stating that they’ll be keeping their eyes on surveys, forums, and community messages to see what changes the players would like brought to their game.

As 2021 continues on, it seems that Tripwire Interactive has their sights set on making sure Killing Floor 2 continues to improve and grow as much as they can help it. If they’re able to keep their development going at the pace they’re discussing, it’ll certainly be a fantastic year for the players to get some much-wanted additions.