The PS5 Version Of Maneater Goes Free On January 5th For PS Plus Members

The PS5 Version Of Maneater Goes Free On January 5th For PS Plus Members
Credit: GameClips via YouTube

There is just one more day of waiting for PS Plus members looking to pick up some more free games for the month of January. The list was revealed a week prior to the official release and in the group is the PS5 version of Maneater.

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That’s great news if you’re one of the lucky gamers to have a PS5 because you’ll be able to make use of 60 FPS with a native 4K resolution. It’s the premier way to play as a shark just keen on chomping up as many humans and fish species as possible.

Maneateris a pretty unique game that we haven’t seen up to this point. Players get to take on the role of an apex predator in the ocean. There are a lot of perks to being a shark, such as swimming really fast, have a large mouth, and a powerful bite that can back it up.

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You’ll spend a majority of your time going through mission after mission, improving your shark and eventually evolving it. That keeps you pretty invested in the more basic combat, as your abilities constantly change.

Fortunately, Tripwire Interactive has given you multiple evolutionary paths to go down so you’re not forced into one direction. You can destroy everything in the waters as you see fit, leaving a trail of blood behind.

It is important to go back to the combat controls. You’re not given a lot here to work with and that’s important to note before getting your hopes up. The controls are pretty basic and that’s the main gameplay element holding Maneater back.

It’s hard to fault the game though because there’s only so much a shark can do, especially when out of its accustomed water element. The progression does enough to make up for this shortcoming though and get you coming back to see how things can be different out in the waters.

Even if you’ve played through Maneater on the PS4, checking it out on the PS5 is a compelling selling point because of the better performance and visuals you’ll have access to. Also, the game is completely free on the PS5 if you have a PS Plus membership so you’re not really taking a gamble.

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If eating a lot of people and battling other apex predators in the ocean is your thing, then Maneater is a good time worth checking out — even just for the novelty of being a shark.