The Silent Tombs Is Heading To Kickstarter Next Month, Prepare For Exploration Of Ancient Tombs

The Silent Tombs Is Heading To Kickstarter Next Month, Prepare For Exploration Of Ancient Tombs
Credit: Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter has launched for a new tomb exploration title The Silent Tombs. This unique game will place players in randomly generated tombs filled with symbols, traps, puzzles and treasures. Explore vast underground caverns, uncover a complex story, and learn the penalty for pillaging that which does not belong to you.

In The Silent Tombs players get to explore randomized tombs set in the United Kingdom. The game comes from Primordial Game Studios from Dundee, Scotland, and it explores the ancient history of the region. A deep dive allows players a unique perspective that would otherwise go missed.

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Simply put, The Silent Tombs is a procedurally built tomb exploration game meant to showcase the culture of the British isles. It mixes platforming, puzzles, and rogue-lite elements and sprinkles in just enough psychological horror to make it unique. Overall it is a mind-bending challenge of tomb raiding potential.

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The title is beautiful and has been built using Unity’s HDR Pipeline. The massive immersive environment is easy to get lost in, but difficult to forget. The game has been created to be informative, entertaining and accessible to any type of gamer.

The game takes advantage of sound-based mechanics. Using a Decibel Meter, players get to watch as every step echoes through the tomb and shakes long-forgotten dust into the air. The longer a player explores, the more dust is in the air and the more claustrophobic the entire location seems.

Exploration will allow players access to weapons, armor, jewels, and more that date back centuries. These items can be either restored or upgraded and if sold can easily fund new discoveries, upgrades and more. The best pieces can be placed in a virtual museum for further study later.

Each artifact studied unlocks new locations for the player to explore. As they slowly discover the story behind the tombs. There is tons to learn such as why the place is trapped, and who is buried inside the walls.

Due to the inherent randomization, the game is a new experience for every player. The deeper you go, the more dangerous things become and the more epic a saga is created. There are no shortcuts, no spoilers, as each adventure is completely unique and the journey is personalized to the player’s path and decisions.

This title is designed to be good for audiences of all ages. Prepare to explore deep and forgotten lands in this unique and thrilling title.

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The Silent Tombs is on Kickstarter right now seeking funding for a Steam release.