The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Set To Fully Release On January 28 Via Steam

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Set To Fully Release On January 28 Via Steam
Credit: Devespresso Games via YouTube

The survival-horror genre in gaming has always been special for many gamers. These games go for thrills and chills. You’re left with an unsettling feeling that what you just experienced in the video game medium could surface in real life at some point. There are many games that fit this description, but one of the more unique is The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters.

The game puts you front and center in a haunted, deserted school. So far, so good. You’ll venture through the creepy hallways trying to make sense of the paranormal events taking place. It’s one of the more memorable settings in a survival-horror game. It has been available on Steam in some capacity since December (2019). Fortunately, news just broke that the game will be getting a full release on Steam this January.

Thus, if you’ve wanted to see the true potential of The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, that’s right around the corner. Up until this full release, players have only been able to experience the first 3 sections, although all of the mechanics have been available. Still, it will be nice to see what the complete version of the school has to offer. There’s just something so chilling about walking around an abandoned school, with demon threats looming.

The full version also will be including 2 distinctly different endings, which will play out based on the actions of your character Mina Park. She’s a student at Sehwa High. After awakening in the school, she soon releases something is off. There is a heavy tension in the air. It’s like a nightmare that she can’t wake up from.

To survive as Mina, you’ll have to venture through the school and find the outskirts of the district. The entire time, strange and threatening entities pursue Mina. You’ll have to be attentive as to what directions you go in and actions you take. You’ll also get to solve puzzles, figure out answers to clues, and fight for your life. From start to finish ,this game provides a unique atmospheric experience that is hard to come by today. It seems like most survival-horror games are keen on pitting you against zombies of some fashion.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a nice reminder that every once and a while, a developer puts emphasis on story and environments as opposed to non-stop shooting action. It’s certainly refreshing and makes this survival-horror experience instantly stand out. You’re in store for a frightening, memorable experience.