Killing Floor 2 Developers Tripwire Interactive Gives an Extensive List of Upcoming Content in an End of Year Announcement

Killing Floor 2 Developers Tripwire Interactive Gives an Extensive List of Upcoming Content in an End of Year Announcement
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Killing Floor 2 is entering its fifth year, and Tripwire is making sure that that year is filled with as much content as possible. The development team provided an announcement that gives an extensive list of their intended changes.

One massive change is that the Tripwire team will be collaborating with the well-acclaimed developers at Saber Interactive. Saber has had their hands in some of the most well-known titles, from the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved to The Witcher 3. You can read more about this collaboration here.

In terms of new content, it seems that this collaboration with Saber is going to help spur development. 2020 is jam-packed with plenty of new additions. One thing that the team will be prioritizing is a response to the community’s wishes.

“Through the survey and collating all the feedback across the different official community channels we’ll be reviewing the top requested items and prioritizing by how actionable, feasible, and beneficial to the player they’ll be to implement,” the development team stated in their announcement. “Not everything will make the cut but we hope to provide clarity on why certain requests will not be acted on for the foreseeable future when we make those determinations.”

There also will be new weapons upcoming, which the team has been deliberately vague about. They seem to hint on the words “burning” and “pin,” helping to push community speculation towards specific creations. While there’s no direct announcement of it, it’s nice to know that the team will be working to prioritize new weapons.

Given that there will be new weapons, the team will also be working to create new maps to kill on. Many of these maps are a result of the 2019 Mapping Contest, transferred over in an official capacity.

Seasonal events will take place, with a nice twist on them to keep things fresh. Many of these will be similar to events of the past years with their own unique qualities.

Tripwire also intends to continue working on keeping a great level of polish on the game. The team repeatedly assures Killing Floor’s fans that adding Saber to development won’t do anything to lower their extreme standards.

As the year continues on, Tripwire is sure to continue adding more and more content. From seasonal events to new official maps and weapons, the Killing Floor is going to be getting plenty of additions to keep the slaughter going.

You can read the full official announcement here.