ReadySet Heroes Now Has A Survival Mode And New Multiplayer Options, Free Update For All Owners Of The Game

ReadySet Heroes Now Has A Survival Mode And New Multiplayer Options, Free Update For All Owners Of The Game
Credit: Robot Entertainment

Patch 1.11 is now available for ReadySet Heroes, and it is adding tons of new content, including a survival mode. The new survival mode is a cooperative PvE experience that pushes players to work together and, well, survive. The mode comes complete with game-to-game progression and unlocks, bringing four players together on the same team.

To celebrate the launch of the update, the game is now being sold at a reduced price. The game is available for 30% off, putting the price at $13.99 for a limited time through the holiday season. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a last-minute stocking stuffer, now would be the time to buy it.

The new survival mode takes place in a new, larger dungeon room created specifically for this new game mode. Players must fight waves of enemies in each room until they reach Treasure Time allowing players to equip new weapons and armor before progressing deeper.

The goal is to go as deep as possible by clearing as many rooms as you can of enemies. The game goes on forever or until the entire team fails before a designated Treasure Time. Only one of your teammates has to survive for everyone to be revived and continue to the next room.

The enemy’s scale as the game progresses, creating more of a challenge. To battle these stronger foes, you will make use of perks and character levels. Perks are bonuses equipped before the game to help define your role in the party. They can increase loot chances or help you deal more damage with specific weapon types. Some can even revive your teammates, deal critical hits, and much more.

Your character level limits perks. Higher-level characters begin with more shards, which means higher stats and higher-level perks. Each character has their own amount of strengths and weaknesses scattered through their shard distribution. Leveling up characters brings you deeper and deeper into the dungeon and allows you to unlock even more perks. There are over 50 to collect.

New legendary enemies stand before each Treasure Time. These are tough variations of enemies you have seen before. They are much bigger and much stronger than their common counterparts. Survival can be played in solo, split-screen, and online.

There is much more coming to ReadySet Heroes in December, including a free play weekend from December 19 to December 23. This is a great time to sample the game before buying it for you and your friends this holiday season.