The Shark RPG Maneater From Tripwire Is Set To Release On May 22

The Shark RPG Maneater From Tripwire Is Set To Release On May 22
Credit: GameClips via YouTube

There have been a lot of shark games over the years, but never one like Maneater. This upcoming action RPG lets you take on the role of the apex predator of the sea: a great white shark. That premise alone instantly makes this game unique and worth checking out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long as the official launch date is May 22. That’s only a couple of weeks away to experience its blood-quenching action from the people at Tripwire.

Most of the time with games featuring sharks, you’re a helpless human that has to swim for safety. Now, the tables are turned and gamers finally will get to live out their shark fantasies.

Interestingly enough, Maneater isn’t just some open sandbox game where you’ll go around eating humans. There is plenty of this, but it also has a story-based campaign and it’s narrated by Chris Parnell. You might remember his work from Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock. He’ll set the stage for a reality TV show.

Aside from the story, there is an actual progression system that will reward you for every successful hunt. You’ll have several evolutionary paths to go down, depending on what skills and attributes you want your shark to have. The enemies that you’ll run into later in the game definitely warrant your best primal instincts so it’s important to choose your skills wisely.

Speaking of the enemies, there are a lot of them for your personal shark to chomp on. These include a wide variety of humans, from drunks to deep sea divers. You’ll also be able to take on other apex predators in the ultimate game between the hunter and the hunted.

As you explore the depths of the sea, you never know what you’ll encounter. But you’ll be able to take a large bite out of it regardless.

All of these details are painting a pretty fun picture for Maneater. It’s not one of those games that takes itself too seriously either. Rather, you’ll just be able to be a shark and do what sharks do: Eat and eat.

It’s a fun concept that a lot of gamers are buzzing about. You’ll have seven large regions to explore and use as your battle grounds, whether it’s for fun or for food.

May 22 couldn’t come soon enough for shark fans all over the globe. It’s not often when a game like Maneater comes around so when it does, it begs to be experienced firsthand.