World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Community Continues To Lament The Extremely Low Drop Chances Of Endgame Gear

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Community Continues To Lament The Extremely Low Drop Chances Of Endgame Gear
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been overcome with an issue that seems to be frustrating the player base from top to bottom. Whether you’re the most casual player or pushing down the highest content every week, everyone seems more than a bit bothered.

The main issue with the title at this point seems to hint towards what players are considering a drought of gear drops. There seems to be no reliable way to get decent endgame gear without an endless grind.

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It’s all based on chance, of course, so this isn’t a universal experience that everyone is experiencing. There certainly exists plenty of lucky players that haven’t had any issue with getting the drops they want when they want them.

Others, however, have had the exact opposite. Plenty of players are feeling as if no matter what they do, gear just won’t drop, presenting an insurmountable wall to overcome in order to continue progressing into the highest levels they can.

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Mythic+ dungeons are dropping as few as a single piece of gear randomly dropped for one of the five members. It’s important to note that this is only the case when a group fails to complete the dungeon within the time limit, but the drops barely increase if one is able to time the challenge.

World Bosses are having much of the same issue. Players are finding themselves lootless for weeks in a row when downing the World Bosses, and considering the conduits they drop are best-in-slot for many, it’s more than a bit frustrating.

This only feels more defeating when you move to raids, where the highest level of gear is currently obtainable – the 213s that drop from the first 8 heroic bosses are higher than the 210s that one can get from a +15 keystone dungeon, making them highly sought after.

With the raid bosses not dropping much more gear, only a scant few items dropping per boss, players have become more and more outspoken about feeling like there’s no reward for their play. The only decent drop chance seems to be the low-level world quests that provide gear.

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There are guaranteed drops, of course, such as from finishing your Covenant Campaign and earning the raid finder weapons that they grant you for doing so, but raid finder isn’t quite endgame.

There’s also the Great Vault that presents up to nine choices for players, assuming they’ve managed to unlock all nine available slots. While this provides guaranteed drops (that may or may not be good), that’s only a single piece of gear, so most don’t quite consider it to be the savior of gear drops that others tout it to be.