Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome Is Headed To Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome Is Headed To Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S
Credit: Steam XO

Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome is the adventure of a gnome who has lost his hat. See, for a Gnome, a hat is their entire purpose of existence and without it they are just not very lucky. So this gnome must head off to a far off land to try and find that which makes him a man.

Travel through a unique fairytale land as you try and recover your stolen hat. Work through a unique platformer puzzle adventure as you try and complete varying challenges. There is tons of hats, clouds, puzzle elements, and more. Travel across the land and try and earn back when you need to become a full gnome once again.

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Travel across the dangerous and twisted fairytale world of Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome. Try and break a curse, find your hat, and make some friends across a casual platformer adventure This is a unique digitally painted world of weird and wild creatures and creations.

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Travel across a digitally painted fantasy world of gorgeous designs. The gorgeous environments bring the entire world to colorful life. Enjoy subtle textures, bright colors, and diverse environments.

The music of this title only goes to support its beautiful design. Players can find new BGM tunes around every corner that give life to the paintings and a vibrance to each environment.

This entire adventure revolves around the relationship of a Gnome and his Cloud. The cloud can often get angry, and force players to avoid attacks, but generally, the cloud is either neutral or happy. Keeping the cloud satisfied is a pivotal part of the gameplay process.

Neutral clouds allow players to aim its lighting while simultaneously avoiding its gnome aimed attacks. Meanwhile, a Happy cloud, allows players to aim it fully without worrying about the every so often lighting assault on the gnomish hero.

In core, this is a platformer and puzzle experience. Players navigate levels, collect items, and take on bosses in unique encounters and situations. Players should prepare for an unusual adventure, but all the while enjoy the fulfilling encounters along the way.

This game is great for players of all ages. The simple controls leave this to be a more puzzle based experience. Simply take some time, enjoy the journey, and find happiness on the other side.

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Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome can be found on Steam as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.