Life of Delta Is A Point and Click Adventure Game Headed For PC And Nintendo Switch Audiences

Life of Delta Is A Point and Click Adventure Game Headed For PC And Nintendo Switch Audiences
Credit: Steam XO

A new cute indie title is coming to PC through Steam as Life of Delta is announced. This title is being showcased during Czech & Slovak Games Week and tells the story of a strange robotic character. Watch as the hero overcomes challenges solves puzzles and interacts with the world around them.

There is a deep story in this unique world as you slowly explore the existence of Delta. This is entirely a point and clicks adventure which holds true to a classic style that is not seen often. Players are sure to enjoy the exploration of his world while becoming lost in its intricate lore.

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Life of Delta takes players on a journey through a vast apocalyptic world. This is a game filled with interesting characters, engaging puzzles, and point-and-click mechanics. Experience the world through the eyes of Delta.

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The game takes place after a great war that has wiped out all of humanity. The only things that survived are the decaying service robots and humanoid lizards. They have built a society of their own base don the intelligence that they have to adapt to a changing world.

Follow the adventures of Delta, a small robot that is just trying to survive in this new harsh environment. Embark on a journey to find your friend as you travel across the waste and take on varying challenges. Due to your size, you must use your wit to overcome all the danger in the world as you have very little strength.

The game is made up of hand-painted levels of a post-apocalyptic Japan. All the animations are carefully hand-crafted giving the world a realistic feel despite its fictional environment.

Across your adventure, you will have to solve over 50 mini-game puzzles. Build spaceship engines, mix potions, and help those around you as they help you along on your daring quests.

There are such colorful characters within this title and they each have a story to tell. Enjoy the dialogue, references, and lore built into this beautiful world.

The game does come with fully animated cutscenes that help paint a deeper story. Mix that with a beautiful soundtrack and you have an indie game that is sure to birth an entire community sparked by its beautiful world and design.

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Life of Delta has no release date as of yet and comes from Airo Games. Still, the Steam page is live providing tons of information about this upcoming adventure.