Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Ultra Hard Survival: Scorched, Turning Up The Heat In Minecraft!

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Ultra Hard Survival: Scorched, Turning Up The Heat In Minecraft!
Credit: Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft Marketplace has many items that range from adding a new way to play Minecraft, like the Lucky Mobs item, which makes the mobs into lucky blocks. This change makes getting certain things much more comfortable, but with 50+ combinations, players will need to kill many animals to get the correct item they are looking for.

Another fantastic Minecraft Marketplace item is the Safari World, which adds many animals and vehicles for the player to enjoy and take pictures of with the includes standard.

The Minecraft Marketplace item that many should download and enjoy is the Astronaut training camp Center. This training camp features a fully built rocket and skins to make the player much more immersed in the training.

The Ultra Hard Survival: Scorched Marketplace item changes Minecraft is a brand new way, instead of changing how the player changes the game. This Marketplace item makes playing considerably harder when compared to the standard Minecraft experience.

This new world seemingly increases the difficulty of Minecraft to a considerable amount; this world is covered in various structures that are surrounded by lava.

The goal of the Ultra Hard Survival: Scorched Marketplace item is to go around this world and collect all sixteen concrete powders which are scattered across the scraps of land and structures which have not yet been consumed by the lava.

The description of this Minecraft Marketplace item states that players will die during this expedition to collect the concrete powders.

Players will have more than just the lava to worry about as they roam from structure to structure; some structures have pigmen and various mobs living and protecting the treasures located at the structure.

This scorched Minecraft world features various structures ranging from the standard Minecraft temple to an upsidedown temple. Which is unique to just this Minecraft Marketplace item, and looks fantastic in this resource-scarce world.

This item is currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace, which is easily downloaded in the Minecraft Bedrock edition but isn’t available in the Java edition of Minecraft. This item is priced at 660 Minecoin.

While this item isn’t free like a previous Minecraft Marketplace item, it still is completely worth the 660 Minecoin. Players could go check out this fantastic marketplace item on the Marketplace item website.