Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Astronaut Training Center, Train To Go To The Rocky Moon!

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Astronaut Training Center, Train To Go To The Rocky Moon!
Credit: Shapescape Via Minecraft Marketplace

The Minecraft Marketplace is full of inventive and creative items that can range from parkour maps that offer unique level designs and tough parkour to the Ninjas of Zombie City, which radically change how Minecraft plays.

The Ninjas of Zombie City is a Minecraft Marketplace item that offers new zombies to the game of Minecraft and even new weapons that can make any Minecraft feel more like a Ninja. Minecraft players can craft everything from a Ninja’s katana to tri-pronged sai to even Ninja throwing stars, which are all well-known Ninja tools.

The Minecraft Marketplace items, the Astronaut Training Center item, is a fantastic item for any Minecraft player to enjoy and play through.

Shapescape created the Astronaut Training Center Marketplace item and, as the 10 Years of Minecraft item, is completely free for any Bedrock Minecraft player to enjoy.

This training center comes equipped with a plethora of fun learning experiences for the Minecraft player; this training center also allows the players to attend a variety of classes to learn and further understand how to become an Astronaut in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Astronauts in training will learn how to drive a Mars Rover, the device that explores a planet that the Astronaut is unable to get to using the rocket that is on clear display in this training center.

The Mars Rover is a device that many will never see in real life, but they can see and explore it in Minecraft. The Mars Rover looks to be a fantastic addition to this Space Center and Training Center, where the player will roam and enjoy.

In addition to the training center, this Marketplace item offers four skins, which allow players to roleplay as an astronaut with ease.

The blue tracksuit allows players to feel like an astronaut and run around the Space Center and follow classes to teach the player basic principles of both the universe and Redstone.

Another skin is the scientist’s skin, which allows players that aren’t in training to instruct the players in training on how to operate and move correctly while on these training facilities.

The built rocket in the training facility looks to be a fantastic addition to the center; the rocket looks to ready to fly with to the Moon or Mars at any moment.