Costume Kingdom Is Now Available On The PS4

Costume Kingdom Is Now Available On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There have been a lot of great titles coming to the PS4 as of late. From RPGs to first-person shooters, this console is like the gift that keeps on giving.

That’s pretty impressive considering Sony is gearing up to release the PS5 this holiday season. And yet, they’re still committed to the PS4.

One of the more unique games to hit the PlayStation Store was Costume Kingdom, a turn-based action game with an open-world environment. It is such an appropriate offering for October because of its Halloween themes.

The game revolves around a young child named Rain, who is on a mission to beat the Apex Cup. It’s a competition held every Halloween night where players compete using Hallowmon. They’re exactly like Pokemon. The combat also plays out like battles in Pokemon games, featuring turn-based combat.

Players will have the chance to build the ultimate team of Hallowmon, which can be upgraded after every successful battle. In the launch trailer, there appears to be a great variety already. That should keep players busy figuring out what particular Hallowmon best suit their battle needs.

As Rain, players will work their way through the open-ended area of Monkchester, going head to head with others to win the Apex Cup and save Halloween.

Throughout your battles, you’ll have the chance to collect a wide variety of Halloween-themed costumes. That looks like an appealing aspect of Costume Kingdom, which makes sense considering costume is in the game’s name. Tired of the same outfit? You can quickly find something more suitable and rock it throughout your battles.

Halloween is on full display in this game and for that reason, the game’s developer Loveridge Designs deserves a lot of praise. Costume Kingdom has a lot of charm and heart. It makes for a great game to play with the family or even a couple of friends.

There haven’t been a lot of games to really compete with the Pokemon series, but this game looks like it could do just that. At the very least, it will provide a different type of feel for players that like battling against others with unique creatures.

And the fact that this game has a Halloween theme should help it do quite well during this spooky season. There doesn’t seem like a better way to get psyched for the creepy and ghostly season than to make your way through Monkchester with your Hallowmon, looking to save Halloween for all.