Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Receives The Promised Modding Tools Now In Beta

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Receives The Promised Modding Tools Now In Beta
Credit: TaleWorlds Entertainment via YouTube

If you’ve been sleeping on the most recent iteration of TaleWorlds Entertainment open-world RPG, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, or perhaps you’ve simply experienced the heft of content that the title currently in the Early Access program offers, then today has turned out to be your day.

TaleWorlds Entertainment has stayed true to their word, and official modding tools are now available for everyone to tinker with to their heart’s content.

While modding without the tools is still a possibility (there were thousands of mods already announced, released, or in development, even without these official tools), it’s a bit more difficult as modders tend to interact with code to impart the changes that they have envisioned. With the modding tools, there is now a slew of options available that will allow modders to get as nitty-gritty with the engine as they want.

Note that TaleWorlds deems this release as the ‘first set’ of tools, implying that there will be additional tools in the future that offers greater accessibility to those interested in the functionality that they offer.

Within Steam, you need to head to your ‘Tools’ to find the download for the newly-available title called ‘Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Modding Kit‘ which offers you more than enough to strangle yourself with in terms of complexity and interaction.

The modding kit currently offers a scene editor and a resource editor. The resource editor allows users to tinker with everything from the skeleton of actors to materials and meshes, allowing users to create new objects and NPCs to interact with.

The second is the scene editor, where modders can take resources and craft entire worlds and new battle maps to explore and contest in sweeping legacies that somehow always result in lengthy prison sentences.

TaleWorlds also took the time to craft a YouTube video that looks through the various options and mechanics of both tools; it’s worth a gander if this is something you find yourself rolling back your sleeves for.

If you’re more on the side of being interested to play new content while TaleWorlds continues development within their own time-tables, you shouldn’t readily dismiss this.

Full modding tools that are officially supported by developers are massive in terms of what they can readily offer to players and the extension of the title’s lifespan. From full Japanese campaigns along with matching armor sets and soldiers to bizarre dystopic sci-fi scenes, there is absolutely nothing currently out of reach.

It all begins today: the modding tools are available free to download on the Steam workshop, along with comprehensive documentation and forum for modders to work together upon. Here’s to the modding scene keeping games impressive and offering unending content!