Amnesia: Rebirth Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now

Amnesia: Rebirth Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Amnesia series has gained a loyal following over the years. These games have a lot of great elements for the horror genre, including traps, puzzles, and heavy tension. They take players on emotional journeys as well where players are exposed to aspects of the human condition.

Amnesia: Rebirth is the latest installment in this storied horror series, which seems to double down on the aforementioned elements that have made this franchise a classic. It’s currently set for a October 20 release, which is so appropriate considering Halloween is fast approaching.

And now, there’s a new trailer that shows a better look at the gameplay. In the first few scenes, we see our main protagonist — Tasi Trianon —  moving through a dark and creepy structure. She’s looking for a passage through and that’s where some of the puzzle-solving elements come into play.

To move through a blocked doorway, she has to move bags of sand. All the while, there’s a terrifying creature in hot pursuit of her. The player has to move through the areas as quickly as they can all while making sure the path is clear.

Amnesia: Rebirth will force players to think quickly on the fly. If they don’t, then they will soon regret the decisions they made that caused their demise.

The next environment is a desert landscape. She makes her way into a tank only to find it out of ammo. She does find a key however that seems pivotal in her continued journey.

As she moves throughout structures, Tasi comes upon deadly traps. Players will thus have to be extra careful where they go. A miscalculation and that will be the end of the line.

There is a lot of intrigue in the couple of gameplay sequences shown in the trailer up above. The game is very atmospheric and has a different approach to horror games. Rather than sending threats your way non-stop, the developer is a little more subtle and takes a psychological approach to the horrors that Tasi will face.

There are menacing creatures about, but Tasi will also have to combat her inner demons if she hopes to make it out alive and have some type of big revelation.

Amnesia: Rebirth looks like one of the more promising installments in the series and that’s saying something because there have been a lot of great titles already. October 20th couldn’t come soon enough for returning fans and those perhaps experiencing this franchise for the first time.