The Horror Game Case: Animatronics Is Now Available On PS4

The Horror Game Case: Animatronics Is Now Available On PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Case: Animatronics is a very unique horror game with stealth-based tactics. It has been out on PC for quite some time now. And finally after all this time, it’s available now on the PS4.

This was confirmed in a release trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It shows the creepy atmosphere and themes that helped this game receive mostly positive reviews post-launch. It has a very Five Nights at Freddy’s vibe to it.

The game is set in a detective station that has suddenly lost power and been hacked by an anonymous user. As Detective Bishop, you’ll have to move throughout the precinct carefully, staying mindful of watchful animatronics lurking about.

Animatronics are a very creepy in their own right. Their movements are often inauthentic and you can just feel something off about them. Case: Animatronics makes them even scarier and that frightening feeling stays with you throughout the entire story.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll use stealth-based tactics as Detective Bishop. The only resources you have are your hands, a tablet, and a torch. As you move throughout the various offices and areas, you’ll have to keep a close watch on the tablet.

It’s linked to the security system that has just been hacked. It enables you to see where animatronics are and which areas are clear. To survive, you’ll have to keep checking up on it to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Not having any weapons to take out the evil animatronics adds to the tense experience. There are times you feel helpless and have to overcome this fear to move to the next area.

The animatronics are a shining element in Case: Animatronics as well, which comes as no surprise. The developer Last Level Aleson nailed down their designs and terrifying nature.

Seeing their red eyes in the distance sends a chill down your spine every time. Did they spot you? Do you just remain still and hope they pass by? These are the thoughts that circulate over and over throughout this entire experience.

The first-person perspective adds to the tension and immersion too. If you can muster up the nerves to keep exploring, you’ll find secrets about what is actually going on.

Case: Animatronics is one of the more unique horror games in some time and the fact that it’s finally out on the PS4 is a great thing. It’s a gem that a new audience can experience for the first time.