The Motorcycle Racer Ride 4 Is Coming To The PS5 And Xbox Series X In January

The Motorcycle Racer Ride 4 Is Coming To The PS5 And Xbox Series X In January
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

It’s an exciting time right now for gamers. We’re a couple of months out from the release of next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Both have their own selling points and specs, but what might matter most is the game lineup.

A lot of game announcements have been made this year for both consoles and one of these is Ride 4, a realistic motorcycle racer that looks beautiful based on the recent trailer that just surfaced on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The game is set to release on October 8th for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Then in January, the upgraded version with better visuals and specs will be available on the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Those that get the Xbox One version will be able to download the upgraded version for free via the smart delivery system. However, if you buy the PS4 version, you’ll have to wait until April to claim the PS5 version.

Whichever platform you plan on experiencing Ride 4 on, it looks like you’re in store for an adrenaline-fueled ride featuring a diverse selection of motorcycles, tracks, and gear. The series has been a staple for motorcycle racers, but this upcoming installment looks to be breaking grounds in different departments.

For example, the tracks that you’ll be racing on have been designed using CAD data and 3D scanning. This technology brings the realistic details to new levels, which you just have to race around to truly appreciate.

To further highlight the game’s realism, there is a day/night cycle and a dynamic weather system. The elements will play a factor for the decisions you make out on different tracks.

If you’re a gamer that likes added difficulty, you’ll be happy to know that Ride 4 is including neural AI. It’s a unique system that makes competition faster, smarter, and more accurate. AI adapts to the situations at hand, much like what you’ll have to do if you wish to come out on top.

Even the customization aspect looks to be shining bright in Ride 4. You can customize your bike and rider to your liking. There are plenty of combinations to play around with and epic rewards to unlock throughout your progression.

If you’re a motorcycle racing fan, then Ride 4 looks to be a next-gen experience truly worth the wait. Only a couple of months now before you can see its exceptional realism and jaw-dropping details for yourself on a next-gen console.