The Mooseman Is Getting A Physical PS4 Release; Which Is Targeted For Q4 2020

The Mooseman Is Getting A Physical PS4 Release; Which Is Targeted For Q4 2020
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Mooseman is a highly regarded indie game from Morteshka. It’s soaking in unique lore, imagery, and gameplay. It has been available on Steam since 2017. Now it’s set to get a physical release on the PS4.

Celebrating this news is an official trailer, which further highlights its unique elements. Games like this don’t come around often so when they do and get a physical release, it’s a reason to celebrate what gaming is all about.

Rather than cashing in on shooter trends or weighing players down with intricate RPG elements, The Mooseman is just about going on an emotional journey. You’re the Mooseman, who’s tasked with traveling through three distinct worlds.

There is the Lower World, featuring murky depths of endless ocean. The Middle World is where men dwell and then the Upper World where it’s said the gods reside. You’ll explore each and experience unique images, stories, and music along the way.

The folk Komi music in particular gives this game a very authentic feel. It’s as if  you’ve entered into some ancient world where legend and truth get mixed together. The music almost has a life of its own that you’ll appreciate throughout this grand tale.

The Mooseman also has a diverse cast of forgotten gods and spirits that you’ll learn more about. It’s safe to assume you don’t know much about this lore and that unknown element adds to the game’s intrigue. The further you get, the more secrets and truths you’ll unravel.

You’ll get the chance to find hidden artifacts that are hidden from the mortal eye, as well as unlock new abilities. They’ll be needed for the Upper World where gods congregate.

The Mooseman may not have received a lot of attention at launch, but it receiving a PS4 physical release could give it new momentum — especially for those that enjoy indie games with a good story. If you’re interested in picking it up sometime around the fourth quarter of 2020, you can get your pre-order in right now.

It’s selling for $19.99, which isn’t too bad of a deal considering the unique elements it has. You’ll receive a cardboard sleeve box, which is distinctly designed with the game’s art style that fans have come to know and love.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to sit back and go on an epic adventure with mysterious elements that you’re not quite sure about. The Mooseman can fill this need and perhaps move you in ways you didn’t think were possible.