The Magical World of Fantasy Friends Heads To PC And Consoles In Q4 2020

The Magical World of Fantasy Friends Heads To PC And Consoles In Q4 2020
Credit: Fantasy Friends via YouTube

Publisher Just For Games and developer Xaloc Studios have announced their partnership for the upcoming game Fantasy Friends. The game takes place in a fantasy forest where players raise various pets. Fantasy Friends will launch on PC and Steam this year.

Fantasy Friends takes place in a fantasy forest where anything related to magic is possible. Players are responsible for taking care of one 12 adorable pets. Animals include a flying panda to a rainbow unicorn. No matter what creature hatches from a magic egg, they all need attention. Caregivers aren’t alone and can ask for help from Aurea, a magical fairy.

Not all of the animals are the same. Each animal needs a specific type of food, which the caretaker must provide. Animals also live in different regions within the forest and have games they prefer over others. They don’t tell the caretaker exactly what they want or need, and it’s up to players to find out.

While there are only 12 pets to care for, there are many more ways to customize them. Players can collect hundreds of colors and skins, some rarer than others. The hunt for rare patterns can become a competition with friends.

A short trailer under one minute long was recently released on YouTube. The trailer introduces the fantasy world and some of the pets. The most important part of the game is caring for the magical pets, taking care of basic needs, and playing with it often.

Along with customizing a pet’s base appearance are also accessories. Pets can wear fun items likes hats, sunglasses, ribbons, and more. Players will have to earn these unique items by playing the game.

The forest itself is another magical place that’s customizable. Players can add beautiful fantasy buildings, plants, and other magic objects. After items are added to the forest, magical events may take place.

Random magical events often occur in the game. These are great opportunities to earn additional mana or earn new skins for pets.

Xaloc Studios was founded in 2015 and is located in Palma de Mallorca. The indie developer has created various games for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, including Super Kickers League and Nebula Realm. Fantasy Friends is the company’s first magical pet-caring game.

Fantasy Friends launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this Winter.