Ubisoft Is Making The Crew 2 Completely Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft Is Making The Crew 2 Completely Free To Play This Weekend
Credit: IGN via YouTube

It seems like more and more publishers are getting in the giving spirit in the gaming community. Despite the coronavirus pandemic that’s impacting the world on a global scale, publishers are standing together to give gamers free experiences.

Ubisoft is getting in on the action with their open-world racing game The Crew 2. It will be completely free to play over the weekend. That’s plenty of hours to enjoy everything this adrenaline-pumping racing experience has to offer.

Developed by Ivory Tower, The Crew 2 shines bright in the open-world department and the wide variety of vehicles you can drive. These include sports cars, boats, planes, and motorcycles. There truly are no limits in this game. If it has wheels, you can drive it.

Every vehicle drives differently as well so you’ll have to adjust your tactics and get used to each system. You can be as free as you want when up in the air with a jet, while taking corners in a sports car will require a calculated approach and perfect mechanics. Going from one vehicle to the next keeps you engaged in the incredible action.

As you check out the wide variety of cars, planes, and boats, you’ll be able to experience some beautiful landscapes as well. These include rocky mountains, crisp blue waters, and even the Grand Canyon. Ivory Tower didn’t leave much to the imagination when creating this game, and for that, they deserve a lot of praise. You would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse racing game, in fact.

The further along you get in this game, the more racing cultures you’ll come across. You’ll learn their lifestyles and get hooked up with some incredible vehicles as long as you make the right connections. That’s one of the best things about this game. You’re constantly excited to get new vehicles and test them out in some pretty insane situations. This roller coaster ride of excitement doesn’t ever cease.

The online portion of this game also shines bright. You can compete with others across the globe in challenges. You can share your accomplishments with the community for ultimate bragging rights. If one of your friends does something noteworthy, they can share it and you can see if you can raise the bar even more. It’s this social experience that will keep you coming back to The Crew 2 time and time again. This weekend is your chance to participate in the non-stop, high-octane action.