GameClub Expands Family Sharing Subscription Options Plus Future Game Plans

GameClub Expands Family Sharing Subscription Options Plus Future Game Plans
Credit: GameClub via YouTube

GameClub is a game subscription service available on the Apple Store. Players who subscribe for $4.99 can access a large library of mobile games handpicked by their team of experts.

The service has just announced it’s increasing the number of people that can join their Family Sharing plan, along with new games coming to the service.

“GameClub offers a large and growing catalog of some of the best games in the history of mobile. Our entire library is available with NO ads and NO additional purchases when you start your free trial. Just pure, uninterrupted fun. Each game can be played offline, anytime, anywhere — and new games are released every week.” states the description on the App Store.

As part of the Family Sharing upgrade, now 12 people in 12 different devices can access the full GameClub service. It’s unknown if this will be a permanent change or if it’s only temporary due to so many practicing social distancing but want to stay in contact with friends.

GameClub already contains more than 100 games. New games are added every week into the rotation. The service has announced the new titles are joining GameClub this Spring.

The titles joining GameClub this Spring include Swap This!, which was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The puzzle game contains multiple game modes with an ocean theme.

Toki Tori is a puzzle-platformer game that was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The GameClub release will include the upgraded content on the Switch release, including 60 FPS and smoother graphics.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow is an older title, but offers a fantasy RPG setting with multiple races and classes, plus crafting. The game also contains several quests to keep players engaged.

The additional titles include Neon Shadow, Stellar Wars, Bardbaria, The Big Journey, Bridgy Jones, and Circa Infinity.

All of the games on the service are the premium editions of the game that one may otherwise pay full price for.

Some players may wonder why they should subscribe to the service when they can play the games elsewhere. GameClub offers a free month trial, so gamers can decide if they want to continue the service or just try it out.

The GameClub subscription service is available now on the App Store.