Google Stadia Is Now Free To Those With A Gmail Address

Google Stadia Is Now Free To Those With A Gmail Address
Credit: Engadget via YouTube

Even though we’re approaching the next wave of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, it’s hard to ignore the potential of game streaming. You don’t need an expensive console or a bunch of hardware to start gaming. Rather, you just need a controller and connection to the internet. Game streaming probably won’t kick off fully until a couple of more years, but the technology is showing a lot of promise.

We’ve seen various iterations of it from different companies. One of the most popular right now is Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service that’s capable of streaming games up to 4K resolution. In theory, that sounds like a successful recipe.

Unfortunately, Google Stadia has been received with mixed reviews since launching roughly four months ago. Some love the ability to just grab a corresponding controller and start gaming right away. Then there are those who’ve struggled with connection issues or have been upset with the lack of promised exclusives.

Google has done their best to rectify these issues, provide support, and bring forth major AAA games. It’s still a work in progress, but they’re doing their best to correct the mistakes that have been present since launch. If you’ve held off on using the platform, you’re in luck.

Google is actually giving Stadia away to those with a Gmail address. Google made this announcement on Wednesday, and that’s not all. They are also giving members two months of Stadia Pro for free. Considering it includes 9 games for no charge, it’s a pretty great deal.

Now, gamers don’t have to worry about there being a price barrier to experience this streaming technology. For those that already have Stadia Pro, they’ll get two months for free as well. It seems like Google is in the giving spirit and trying to bring some light to these darker days.

Claiming your free account is as easy as linking your Gmail account to the basic Stadia subscription. You’ll quickly gain access to the platform. There are a couple of great offerings currently available. The Pro lineup also is pretty decent and includes Thumper, GRID, and Gylt just to name a few.

If you like the idea of not having to buy a bunch of equipment, then this Stadia free offering is worth taking up. You can see if your internet quality is strong enough to have user-friendly experiences. Even better, Google has plans of bringing hundreds of more games to the platform in due time.