The Sci-Fi Horror Game Hellpoint Has Been Delayed Until The Summer

The Sci-Fi Horror Game Hellpoint Has Been Delayed Until The Summer
Credit: PlayscopeTrailers via YouTube

There’s never been a better time to be a fan of survival-horror games. There are so many great offerings in this space right now and because of this genre’s popularity, it doesn’t seem like developers will cease pumping these games out any time soon.

One of the more promising horror games set to come out this year is Hellpoint. It’s a horror RPG that takes place on a seemingly haunted space ship called Irid Novo. Based on early visuals and trailers, it’s soaking in atmospheric experiences and dark themes. It was originally targeted to release this April, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not coming out until later this summer.

A lot of developers like Cradle Games are in the exact same position. Being forced to work from home has definitely changed the dynamic and developers are responding with delays. You can’t blame them either. Rather than rushing to finish a game and have it plagued with bugs, developers want to take their time and make sure they can put out a completely finished product.

Cradle Games are taking this approach with Hellpoint, and that actually might be a good thing despite the added wait time. Now, the developer can focus on making this a flawless and terrifying soulslike RPG. So far, the game is looking very promising. The aliens from another dimension now on board Irid Novo look very menacing and formidable.

The major bosses also look impressive. They have distinct special abilities that you’ll have to study in order to come up with an effective counter. Gameplay overall looks competent. It looks like your character will have a lot of resources to use at their disposal. The combat is based around melee, so if you enjoy these up close and personal battles, then Hellpoint should provide hours of joyous fighting.

The Cosmic Gods are the ones orchestrating the hellish events now taking place on Irid Novo, and it will be up to you to figure out what’s going on and what their true intentions are. You can bet the developer has a few surprises in store. Even the exploring aspect looks tense and memorable. You’ll go through every nook and cranny in this space ship, finding out secrets that could have huge ramifications for the fate of humanity as you know it.

If this horror/sci-fi experience sounds like your cup of tea, then a couple of more months of waiting shouldn’t be that bad.