The Intense Action RPG Hellpoint Now Has A July 30 Release Date

The Intense Action RPG Hellpoint Now Has A July 30 Release Date
Credit: PlayscopeTrailers via YouTube

Hellpoint is a promising action RPG from the people at Cradle Games. Ever since it was first teased, gamers have been excited about its dark sci-fi themes and atmosphere.

They definitely make Hellpoint stand out and give it an almost survival-horror vibe. If you’ve been eager to get your hands on this RPG, good news. It was just revealed by the developer that it’s releasing July 30.

That’s a couple of weeks away for a promising and twisted story. Hellpoint takes place on a creepy space station called Irid Novo. Created by the Author, you’ll move throughout its tight compartments on a mission to take down malevolent entities controlled by Cosmic Gods.

Right away, it’s clear Hellpoint is dripping in atmosphere. From the dark levels to the uniquely designed monsters, you’ll enjoy being on edge as you figure out what events led up to the catastrophic event known as the Merger.

Within the ship, there are plenty of hidden pathways and passages that you’ll have the pleasure to explore. The developer has done a good job at not giving away too much up front. Rather, you’re forced to explore and figure out what exactly is going on around Iris Novo.

It’s a little early, but the combat in Hellpoint looks very promising. The melee-based combat seems particularly brutal and challenging. You may struggle at first like with a lot of Souls-like games, but if you continue to progress, you can start taking down evil threats with competency.

According to the game’s description, there are a wide variety of weapons and armor pieces that you’ll be able to try out in battle.

Even more interesting is the fact that the spaceship orbits around a block hole, which keeps gameplay dynamic. For example, you could be back-tracking through the space station and then run up on a boss unexpectedly. The randomness adds to the difficulty, but also gives this game a lot of re-playability.

If you do find yourself in tough spots in Hellpoint after it releases on the 30th, don’t worry. You can team up with a friend or call for assistance online.

The co-op was actually just featured in a trailer along with the release date conformation. It looks like a fun time all around and definitely helpful when going up against the higher leveled bosses. Only a couple of more weeks before you can check out Hellpoint’s distinct and dark sci-fi elements for yourself.