Amazon Studios Teases A Trailer For A Fallout-Themed TV Show With Creators Of Westworld

Amazon Studios Teases A Trailer For A Fallout-Themed TV Show With Creators Of Westworld
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Be still my beating heart, we have Fallout-flavored news that is actually exciting, instead of the standard moaning and groaning (well-warranted) from the community as they suffer more headaches.

Coming off the back of what turned into a wildly successful foray with The Witcher joining forces with PC gamer (and Superman) Henry Cavill and Netflix (which is restarting the shooting for their second season in August), comes Amazon looking at the video game industry cum television, joining forces with Bethesda for a Fallout television show.

It’s rumored that the choices made in the television show will matter a bit more than they did in Fallout 4.

With the strength and experience of the creators of Westworld, a bizarre yet engaging science-fiction romp that kept pulling twists and turns throughout the season, players that are fans of Fallout have big reason to get excited.

Bethesda itself should be pretty thrilled with this as well: Fallout 4 was a monumental success in terms of copies sold, yet was plagued with negative reviews and generally unhappy consumers ranging from a complete lack of agency to relatively trite storyline. The DLCs were hammered farther by critics and fans alike, offering relatively little for steep costs. To say nothing of Fallout 76, which has been knee-deep in issues.

That Bethesda also included their infamous paid mods didn’t necessarily help their flagging image that has taken quite a few whacks over the recent years.

Yet this will be a world where Bethesda can’t add monetization to the point of, what some claimed, crippling the title as a whole. Instead, it promises to be a thrilling narrative that finally allows viewers to get to the crux of the question: what life is there left after the apocalypse?

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films has been attached to the project which currently does not have a speculative release date, much less a finalized one, where fans of the universe can set their alarms to begin binge-watching immediately.

Further, the cast has yet to be announced; either they haven’t been cast yet, or Amazon Studios isn’t ready to slip that card out of their hand and onto the table.

Todd Howard took a moment’s respite from directing the umpteenth re-release of Skyrim to note on Bethesda’s blog that Bethesda has been looking at bringing Fallout’s unique world to the screen for the past decade, and they have full faith in the ability of Kilter Films to deliver the charming 1940s aesthetic turned into a vicious post-apocalyptic setting where survival is earned, not granted. Here’s hoping that the television adaptation is a bit more faithful to the core material than recent endeavors from the studio.