Risk Of Rain 2 Announces Finalized Price Increase When The Game Fully Launches

Risk Of Rain 2 Announces Finalized Price Increase When The Game Fully Launches
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Lest the hate come pouring in based only on the headline, Hopoo Games have been clear about this from the beginning; there will be a price increase when the title shifts from beta to the 1.0 version, although 1.0 doesn’t mean end-of-life regarding development.

With that in mind, Hopoo Games has finally announced the final price of Risk of Rain 2 will be $25 on the Steam platform when it fully releases, versus the $20 it sits at currently.

If you haven’t tuned into the bizarre world of roguelike shooting that Risk of Rain 2 provides, it would arguably be smarter to do it sooner rather than later: a beautiful title that solidly builds on the previous 2D title Risk of Rain while faithfully encapsulating what makes roguelikes so fun.

Permanent progression is offered in the forms of unlockable abilities and heroes, marking moments where runs were wildly successful, while picking up stacking loot through your runs turns you into a juggernaut stemming the tide of enemies coming for your flesh time and again.

It’s a strong contrast to how runs begin to when users are an hour into a run, with rockets flying in every direction and bosses attempting to swallow you whole while you dodge and weave an inexhaustible dance with death.

Along with the price increase announcement finally coming out, they’ve updated the console roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 for upcoming features in Fall of 2020, bringing about a new boss, final stage, new items, and a new survivor. If you’re on the console side of things, it looks like Hopoo is giving some thought to you; you’ll have your proverbial cake within the year.

Finally, the 1.0 update sees some changes to flavor text that explains to users what they can expect from survivors via Keywords. Keywords will be highlighted and referenced within survivors abilities to allow Hopoo Games to condense ability explanations.

In the example offered, the Mercenary’s Laser Sword ability Exposes enemies; when hovered over, a new window appears showing precisely how Expose works in the game, taking the guess-work (and wiki scouring) out of the equation. A smaller update, to be sure, but one that should make it a bit easier to understand the more esoteric nuances behind the various characters.

Risk of Rain 2 is currently scheduled to be released in August of 2020, although it’s fully playable as an experience now. It’s on all platforms, as well: PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. This is not a title you’d want to miss out on.