Celebrating One-Year Anniversary, Risk Of Rain 2 Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews After Artifact Update

Celebrating One-Year Anniversary, Risk Of Rain 2 Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews After Artifact Update
Credit: The_Evil_Pickle via YouTube

Back in November of 2013, developer Hopoo Games and publisher Chucklefish came together to release a roguelike Metroidvania title called Risk of Rain. The title swiftly gained a great amount of prestige and popularity, with players heavily praising the crushingly difficult yet fair combat, the swift progression, and the great replayability.

Fast forward to March of 2019 and the Hopoo Games came out with a sequel that managed to greatly shake up the title while still staying true to the original title. Whereas the first was a 2d Metroidvania title, the second title made the bold switch to a three-dimensional shooter.

The March release was an early access release, and while the title is still in early access, they’ve made a great amount of additions and developments. Recently, Risk of Rain 2 celebrated their first birthday as March came to a close.

As the birthday passed, Hopoo Games discussed their early access goals and the future. The title had a few goals in mind for the year spent in early access, and as it comes to a close, it seems that they may be pushing out of early access soon.

On the Steam page, Hopoo discusses only intending to keep the game in early access for a year, so the passing of this birthday makes it likely that we’ll see a full title too. However, they also state that they “want to make sure the game launches in a state we are happy with and don’t want to rush it,” so it’s no guarantee.

More than anything, the team wanted to build a community during their early access, and they’ve certainly done so. Their Discord server and social media accounts have accrued a solid following of players eager to see what comes next for their title. Risk of Rain 2 has accrued tens of thousands of reviews with an overwhelmingly positive overall verdict, and many of those come recently.

Many of these positive reviews come recently after the huge Artifact patch. In this massive update, Hopoo Games added in the Artifact system, which can drastically change the way your game behaves. There are 16 in all, though the developers refuse to go in-depth on what they do, making it so that players have to go and unlock them to see what they have in store.

As the second year of early access starts, players are likely expecting to see Risk of Rain 2 leave early access before much longer. Either way, the wonderful title will likely keep growing and adding in meaningful, addicting content.