New Fallout 4 Mod Gets Better And More Challenging As Nuclear Winter Demands Exemplary Survival Skills

New Fallout 4 Mod Gets Better And More Challenging As Nuclear Winter Demands Exemplary Survival Skills
Credit: D1v1ne via YouTube

The enhanced version of the Fallout 4 Nuclear Winter mod is set to make the game even better yet more challenging.

The modification was originally uploaded in March of this year. Six months after, modder D1v1ne122 has added some updates, getting inspiration from The Division and Frostpunk mods.

With Nuclear Winter, the Sole Survivor faces the problematic test of coming out alive amid the freezing temperature. The character needs to be skilled enough to fight the severe conditions associated with the bitterly cold weather outside.

The strategy in Fallout 2287 – Nuclear Winter does not end in finding the right clothing to stay warm. This Fallout 4 mod also expects its players to gain access to anything that provides heat or warmth.

This brilliant product of D1v1ne122 allows numerous necessary changes to make the gameplay even more fun and realistic. Among the features that can be modified are the following:

  • Core Temperature. This pertains to the Sole Survivor’s internal temperature. If this would not be maintained at an ideal level, the character may die.
  • Ambient Temperature. This refers to the external environment that may affect the Sole Survivor’s internal temperature. This includes wind speed.
  • Wetness. When the Sole Survivor is swimming in the water or soaked in sweat in Fallout 4, this feature shows a rising meter. This tells explicitly how wet the character is.
  • Insulation. The Sole Survivor’s armor and clothing must be capable of maintaining the body’s heat. Therefore, it is very critical that the insulation level is known, especially that a rating of 0 could mean the end of life.
  • Sources of Heat. There are several objects that produce heat. The goal of the Sole Survivor is to find them to ensure that he survives the cold.
  • Items for Consumption. These consumables range from food to different objects that could be the sources of heat.

Last week, a new Fallout 4 mod brought excitement to its fans as well, especially if they are dog lovers.

Modder Sagittarius22 created Pet Any Dog to allow players to pat the head of the animal. However, they should take into consideration that they cannot be sweet to all dogs. They can pet any, but not all dogs.

Based on the mod’s description, only neutral dogs can be considered as a friend. They must stay away, therefore, from the aggressive ones.

In the meantime, the players must at least hold a Rank 1 standing to experience the Fallout 4 Pet Any Dog mod.