Realistic Motorbike Racer Ride 4 Drives Onto PC And Consoles This October

Realistic Motorbike Racer Ride 4 Drives Onto PC And Consoles This October
Credit: Ride 4 via YouTube

Milestone has announced the latest installment in the two-wheel series, Ride 4, which will be released this October for PC and consoles. The series first launched five years ago and gave gamers a realistic motorbike simulation game.

Ride 4 takes upon the originals and further improves them with more authentic and lifelike replicas of motorbikes, unique gameplay, and renewed Career Mode.

A new trailer was released with game engine footage featuring some of the bikes and gameplay so far. The graphics and some of the bikes shown may change when the game is released.

Ride 4’s primary focus is on the variety of bikes. All of the models were created from the ground up using advanced technology. The developer used the original CAD and 3D scans of real models for the most authentic experience possible. The details are seen from the exterior of the bikes and even the cockpits.

The data on the cockpit dashboard also displays changes in real-time, down to the speed, temperature, and traction controls. The details are so realistic that even the oil bottle vibrates according to the bike’s movements. The details show that the developers are not only creating the game for bike enthusiasts but are also fans themselves.

For the tracks, the developer used lasers and drones. Players will get to experience some of the most iconic tracks from across the world.

The newly added Career mode lets players control their ride to success from the very beginning. Players can take on local and international leagues as they strive to be the best. Decisions matter in this mode, and success means getting access to special events, races, and challenges. As players gain more access to funds, they can customize their bikes and clothing.

Multiplayer mode also returns with dedicated servers to make gameplay even smoother.

For the new game, Milestone partnered with Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone. Yamaha wanted to reach out to more fans virtually through Ride 4. They have also been involved in the eSports world, citing Trastevere73 as an official Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP rider.

Ride 4 will be Bridgestone’s debut in gaming. The company is always seeking new ways to engage customers and interact with the existing riding community. The collaboration with Milestone gives the company a new way to showcase their products.

Ride 4 launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 8.