Mojang Studios Released Its Second Episode Of: How We Make Minecraft Web Series

Mojang Studios Released Its Second Episode Of: How We Make Minecraft Web Series
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Mojang Studios has released the second episode in its series, How We Make Minecraft, this episode focuses on how to create a crafting system. This series focuses on bringing a step-by-step design choice guide for creating a game that is incredibly similar to Minecraft. Mojang Studios also plans to release its own broadcasted event later this year.

The first episode of this series focuses on creating a new mob on Minecraft, while this series doesn’t look into the coding aspect of creating Minecraft but instead looks into the design choices that the Minecraft developers chose.

This series also focuses on being entertaining rather than being incredibly serious this is to keep watchers entertained while being told how Minecraft was created.


Step One is to respect the craft which means that researching how Minecraft has built the crafting system to be simple yet offers a large amount of flexibility, overall. The video also shows how while buying a table is incredibly easy, but crafting the table gives the player a “sense of meaning”.

Step two of the video is to start simple, the video showcases this by showing the 2 x 2 crafting grid that is available in the player’s inventory which can be used to create the crafting table giving the player a 3 x 3 crafting grid.

Step Three is to be logical, this step is to ensure that the recipes for the crafting grid are logical meaning that you shouldn’t be able to craft a wooden pickaxe from materials other than wood.

This would throw the player’s sense of the recipes off causing them to constantly have to look up the recipes leaving them vulnerable in the game.

Step Four is the Break the Players’ stuff, this is in relation to setting the durability of both tools and weapons. The video states that developers set the durability to motivate the player to look for new and fantastic ores.

The final step outlined in the video is Make ‘Em Place Every Block, The video showcases why the Mojang Studios developers put the limitations on crafting.

The limitation is the fact that players are forced to place every single block and don’t offer any type of auto crafter that would make your Minecraft life just a bit easier when compared to standard Minecraft.