Spelunky 2, The Sequel To The Highly Acclaimed Roguelike Platforming Game, Is Out Today On PS4

Spelunky 2, The Sequel To The Highly Acclaimed Roguelike Platforming Game, Is Out Today On PS4
Credit: Spelunky via YouTube

Spelunky 2 is another game to add to the long list of this generation’s brilliant PS4 exclusives, although you can also play Spelunky 2 on your PC this time around.

It’s out today (on PS4) and builds upon the gameplay of the previous title, adding more depth to the gameplay, and literally more depth to the mines and spooky halls you’ll explore.

For those who haven’t played the first Spelunky, you might have some misconceptions about what this game actually is. It’s not child friendly, and it’s extremely difficult. Compellingly difficult, not “I want to throw my controller out of the window” difficult.

Spelunky 2 is a roguelike platformer. You play an adventurer, or spelunker, on the quest for treasures and secrets. The world you encounter is riddled with boobytraps, tricky jumps, and a host of enemies who want to see you dead.

Every level is procedurally-generated – no two runs will be the same, in classic roguelike fashion. This also means that if you die, you’re right back to the start. You are going to die a lot.

You need to analyze every level before you start, but quickly. Take longer than 3 minutes on any given level and an invincible ghost spawns who will hunt you throughout the level and instantly suck the life out of you. Yes. The game is unforgiving.

It’s not an instant kill if you just fail a couple of times on the level. You have “lives”. Each hit, fall, or failure is a knock-out of one heart. I recommend you take your early steps into Spelunky with care and caution.

Levels feel vast, but the movement across the obstacles is fluid. It’s a speed-runners dream. When you get good at Spelunky there aren’t many other games that give you such a level of satisfaction.

Like all good roguelikes, you can upgrade your character with items as you progress. Bombs are a lot of fun, and can totally change the layout of the level around you. Sometimes you’ll need bombs to access hidden areas.

Spelunky 2 does make some changes to the gameplay, but for those who played the original all those years ago, this game will feel familiar. There are some new enemies and different sorts of traps to work your way around, as well as some new mysteries in the deep.

Overall, Spelunky 2 is a great game to check out on PS4. It releases today, September 15th.