Horizon Is The Next Legend In Apex Legends, Arriving In Season 7 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Horizon Is The Next Legend In Apex Legends, Arriving In Season 7 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

More details have come out regarding the next legend in Apex Legends, arriving in Season 7 in November. This might be one of the largest and most impactful seasons for Apex Legends so far, with a new legend, new map, and of course, the implementation of full cross-play support.

Various leakers in the community have got their hands on snippets of code that pretty much confirm Horizon as the next legend, as well as animations for their finishers and even some speculated skills, including the passive, ultimate and tactical.

Supposedly there is also a teaser event for the new legend arriving within the next couple of weeks, expected to run in the build-up to the launch of Season 7.

Shrugtal has posted lots of links on his Twitter to mined animations for Horizon’s finishers, of which there looks to be three so far. You can check out his Twitter for more news on what’s next for Apex Legends, including exclusive skin rotations.

There are also some speculations in the community about what Horizon might have has as their skillset. Some sort of Black Hole ultimate, that sucks enemies into a radius, some kind of flying capability (either just for the legend or their entire team) as well as a passive ability which is movement-based.

It’s around this time that hype starts to build around the next season of Apex Legends. Season 6 so far has been a bit of a mixed bag – server issues have crippled the crossplay experience so far, but there is potential in what it might do for the game in terms of skill-based matchmaking and faster queue times for ranked lobbies.

Season 7 will also see the introduction of a new map – Olympus – as well as a new gun (hopefully) which there have already been a few hints about. A Bow and Arrow? A bolt-action rifle? There are all sorts of rumors and leaks circulating at the moment.

The leaks will likely come in form of the in-game quests so keep up to date if you haven’t already. There are quite a few already available and there are some more coming out in the coming weeks.