Apex Legends The Battle Armor Game Mode Where You Land With A P2020 And Evo Shield Could Become The Default

Apex Legends The Battle Armor Game Mode Where You Land With A P2020 And Evo Shield Could Become The Default
Credit: Respawn Entertainment via YouTube

The Apex Legends Battle Armor event was a surprise limited-time event to keep players ticking until the delayed release of Season 5, Fortune’s Favor, on May 12th. This event is designed to playtest the ability to drop with load-outs in Apex Legends.

Back in the Winter Express event of Christmas 2019, players were dropped into a battle with both armor and a specific gun loadout. In this Battle Armor event, players were dropped with a white shield, then a blue shield, a purple shield, and finally, the Evo Shield.

Having played all of the different shield modes, the Evo Shield is by far the best, and could definitely be viable to be added to the base game as the default playlist. Players have been discussing the game mode online, and most agree that the Evo Shields encourages early fighting, diversifies the loot pool and prevents that early game RNG of dying to a Lifeline with a Purple shield and a PK off drop.

Others have said that it’s unlikely to become the default game mode because the shield RNG offers a crutch to players of a lower skill level, giving almost anyone a chance to win a fight early on. This is a Battle Royale, after all.

This comes with the news that the Gold Shield may also be receiving a few tweaks in Season 5, perhaps removing its fast-heal ability entirely. There’s no doubt that the Gold Shield is the most powerful item in the game, and help the player win insanely unfavorable situations.

If all shields are removed from the loot pool, and Gold Armor is brought back in line with the other shields, introducing the Evo Shield/P2020 loadout at drop could make a huge positive difference to the game. Less white shields, more guns – more Evo Shields, hopefully, more action.

Apex Legends Season 5 arrives on May 12th. There are huge map changes coming to King’s Canyon with the total destruction of King’s Canyon, a new Character, the master-thief Loba, and new PVE events and in-game quests. However, it has also been confirmed there is no new gun arriving.