Frozenbyte Releases New Introduction Video For Upcoming Sci-Fi MMO Starbase

Frozenbyte Releases New Introduction Video For Upcoming Sci-Fi MMO Starbase
Credit: Starbase via Steam

Publisher and developer Frozenbyte has released a new introductory video for its upcoming Sci-Fi MMO game Starbase. The video helps players learn how to play the game, along with showcasing the world of Starbase.

Starbase is expected to enter Early Access on Steam this year, but the release window is not yet known.

Starbase is an MMO that primarily focuses on building space crafts and everything around them. Players can build and design spaceships and space stations. When they want to take a break from designing, players can explore the vast regions of space.

Space has areas to gather resources vital to crafting. Things get tricky when it comes to meeting other places. Some may be willing to trade for other resources low in demand, while others are willing to fight for what they want, no matter what the cost.

The game is entering Early Access to test the game world and get real feedback. The game itself is working but needs to be tested with a larger player base. Players can also lend their unique voices to help suggest changes in the final version of the game.

The Early Access version introduces players to the new galaxy, which is where the introduction video comes into play. The video shows what the beginning of the game looks like when players start earning their first credits to leaving the starting station. The video is around four minutes long and has both a voiceover and subtitles. The environment is fully destructible. Players can destroy or disassemble anything if they have the right weapons and tools.

Starbase is expected to be in Early Access for at least 1-2 years. The game will have one major feature update every month, with smaller updates weekly. The full version will have an increase of everything all around, including ships, guns, tools, and planets. All of the additional features will depend on feedback from the community.

Since the game is online, players can join with others to work for different factions. Players work with others to discover various locations, or even go solo and mine asteroids or build landmarks on undiscovered land. Those looking for action can jump into the fight between the Empire and the Kingdom, or explore the unknowns of space.

Frozenbyte has been working on Starbase in secret for the past five years. Development on the game will continue until Frozenbyte achieves its vision for the game. Players can give feedback through the official Discord server for the game, including what they want to see next.

Starbase is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access in 2020.