The Relationship Game Don’t Make Love Is Now Free On Steam

The Relationship Game Don’t Make Love Is Now Free On Steam
Credit: Vampirschi Gaming via YouTube

Games that broach the topic of love hit home with a lot of gamers today. They tap into your more emotional side and perhaps give you different perspectives at the end. One of these games that has a pretty unique concept is Don’t Make Love, a relationship game about two praying mantises that find themselves in a dilemma.

They love each other deeply, but if you’re familiar with how these insects behave naturally out in the wild, they’ll be faced with a life and death situation if they decide to be intimate. It’s a pretty unique game that is now actually completely free on PC.

The game has been a passion project for the developers. One of the chief creators Dario D’Ambra unfortunately passed on and to celebrate his life and this creation, Don’t Make Love is free on Steam. It’s an unfortunate situation, but at least more gamers get to check out the truly inspirational and unique game about love and life-changing decisions.

Players will experience conversations with their partner mantis and they have total freedom to type in whatever they want into a text box. That’s a pretty unique aspect that gives this game a whole a lot of re-playability and intrigue. Each time you respond is a new tree of responses that you’ll have to deal with in an appropriate manner.

Whatever you put in the text box, your mantis partner will respond in a lively way. It makes it feel like you’re actually talking to someone on the other end. With every conversation is a chance to grow closer. That hits home in the later portions of the game, where you’re tasked with mating or finding a way around this predicament.

You have the ability to play as male or female and also get to enjoy multiple endings. They certainly give Don’t Make Love additional weight because you want to respond correctly each time as to have a positive outcome each time. If you don’t, that’s okay. You can go back through and switch up how you respond to your mate facing the exact situation as yourself.

You can really tell how much time was put into this special project, from the hand-drawn graphics, cinematic sequences, and the mature themes of love and making difficult decisions. It’s a game that you can pick up and just have fun with while learning more about the human condition.