New Castle Nathria DPS Rankings Show Little Change For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Classes

New Castle Nathria DPS Rankings Show Little Change For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Classes
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Castle Nathria has been a heavy focus of endgame content in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and rightfully so. As the first raid released, as well as the only raid at the moment, it sits as the top tier of endgame at the moment.

Wowhead released the rankings of DPS specializations after the latest week’s data was analyzed to show where the classes are resting on the leaderboards with each other.

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With Mythic Nathria having been cleared by Complexity-Limit and Raid Finder continuing to open, the charts are settling with a meta being set. More and more players have adjusted, and the charts are showing little change at this point.

There’s been more change towards the top than the bottom, for certain. Marksmanship hunter and Balance druid have both fallen considerably, while Windwalker and Affliction have both climbed.

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Unholy Death Knight dropped a couple spots as well, going from second to fourth. There are a variety of other small changes, but some things have remained the same throughout.

For example, Frost mage continues to bring up the rear as it has for most of the expansion. The specialization is incredibly weak at the moment in all content, and is one of the least played at this point with most mages having swapped to Fire or Arcane.

The same can be said for Fury warrior, which has remained towards the bottom steadily throughout the expansion. Despite receiving a small buff from Blizzard not long ago, the spec just can’t seem to find solid ground beneath it.

Part of this is the nature of the fights within Nathria. Most aren’t too friendly to AoE and only include a single boss mob – Shriekwing, Sludgefist, Artificer, and Hungering Destroyer are all single-target through and through, so classes that excel in single target damage will almost always top the charts.

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This is far from the only issue, though, of course. Many feel that these classes are simply weak and undertuned, and Blizzard seems to agree – their recent fix to Fury was simply to increase the damage of their abilities by a flat 5% with no other alteration.

Regardless of where you fall on the charts, they seem to be settling with fewer changes as the weeks go on and a meta is established. Whether this week’s set of changes will alter the charts next week or not remains to be seen, as there are likely to be plenty of hotfixes between now and then.