Complexity Limit Has Claimed World First In Killing World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Mythic Denathrius

Complexity Limit Has Claimed World First In Killing World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Mythic Denathrius
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has triggered another wave of esports content from the MMORPG titan, bringing a huge amount of new PvP and PvE content for groups to compete in.

The biggest headline grabber of this set of additions was who would claim world first in the race to down the newest raid, Castle Nathria, on Mythic difficulty. There was a good bit of drama, but now we finally have a winner.

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Today, Complexity-Limit managed to topple Mythic Sire Denathrius, the tenth and final boss of Castle Nathria. This was complete just shy of 2:00 PM PST, landing them first place in the race for World First.

There was considerable drama over the race, from the day that the release of Mythic was announced up to the final moments of the race itself between competitors. Many were concerned that releasing the Mythic difficulty so near the holidays was unfair to the teams competing, as it essentially forced them to ignore the holidays if they wanted to win.

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Complexity-Limit showed no signs of slowing down, holidays or not. After well over a hundred attempts, the team was able to down Sire Denathrius live on stream.

The “live on stream” part is another one of the sources of drama – the race ended up inundated with a question of sportsmanship due to some actions of Complexity-Limit’s closest competitors, Echo.

After a good number of allegations that Echo had “stolen” Complexity-Limit’s strategy to down one of the bosses and catch up, many were shaming Echo for the supposed lack of sportsmanship shown there. The issue was exacerbated when Echo decided to stop streaming their attempts, presumably to prevent others from doing what they had done.

Because of this, many were less than happy with Echo, especially their own fans who now were no longer able to watch their favorite team compete for World First. Others were confused as to why they had hyped up their attempts so much just for them to turn off their streams for the very moment fans were excited for.

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That said, as many are quick to point out, it isn’t as if Complexity-Limit – and virtually anyone else who’s ever been in this position – hasn’t done the same. At the end of the day, the race for World First is ruthless, and it’s understandable for teams to do whatever they can to get and maintain an edge over their opponents.

Regardless of what tactics either team may have used, the win for World First Mythic Denathrius has gone to Complexity-Limit, with the final moment being streamed for all to see. Congratulations to Complexity-Limit for their back-to-back World Firsts!