Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Officially Supports VR, Adding To The Already Incredible Immersion

Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Officially Supports VR, Adding To The Already Incredible Immersion
Credit: ObsidianAnt via YouTube

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, you know how authentic the gameplay and visuals are.

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Asobo Studio spent a lot of time refining systems as to give players truly immersive experiences, whether they’re flying across the ocean in heavy winds or soaring across the city skyline of New York City.

Every detail is dialed in and gives you some of the best flight simulation experiences you can have today. And now, it’s even more immersive thanks to the inclusion of VR. It’s finally available in this flight simulator that doesn’t hold back in the authenticity department.

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Ever since VR became a major talking point for the developer, fans longed for the days they could sit in a cockpit and feel like they’re in control as if they’re there in person. This dream is now a reality.

VR is included for every major VR headset out on the market, so pretty much whatever VR headset is your go-to instrument to take part in these incredible experiences, you’ll probably be able to do the same in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It’s worth noting that the update is completely free; Asobo Studio is doing fans of the simulator a solid in this regard. It should give this game a new feel and potentially garner more attention, although things have been pretty solid for this game since launch.

Looking at the clip above, you can see what VR adds to the already dialed in flight experiences. First-person takes over and you can see the developers adjusting the VR headset to show the pilot’s head moving.

It seems pretty responsive and should let players take in all of the details from up above in an incredible way. The game is so beautiful and lets you travel to some pretty iconic locations and VR will just make these experiences even better.

The developer deserves a lot of praise for coming through with this VR promise. It had to take them a long time to adjust the game to work smoothly with VR headsets, and based off of the initial experiences from the community, it looks like they have had a lot of success making Microsoft Flight Simulator as realistic as possible.

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If you’ve skipped out on this flight simulator, maybe VR support will get you on board finally. You’ll be able to appreciate so many realistic environments and weather elements like never before in a video game.