Blizzard Buffs Mythic Sire Denathrius During World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands World First Race

Blizzard Buffs Mythic Sire Denathrius During World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands World First Race
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands recently saw the release of the expansion’s first raid, Castle Nathria, and the subsequent release of the highest Mythic difficulty.

As is tradition, a multitude of professional organizations have begun their race for World First in clearing the raid on Mythic difficulty. This is, of course, extremely difficult, and as of writing this no group has managed to clear Mythic Sire Denathrius yet, the final boss of the raid.

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Blizzard, it seems, has no interest in making it any easier on players. While many guilds are still trying to get past the Stone Legion Generals encounter, the fight just before Sire Denathrius, Blizzard has come out and buffed the final boss.

These aren’t small buffs, either. Blizzard decided to heavily buff the damage of nearly all of Sire Denathrius’s abilities, making the fight considerably more difficult even in comparison to its already-barely-surmountable state.

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Denathrius’s Blood Price and Burden of Sin have both been buffed by a comparatively-small amount, with the first now dealing 3,547 damage and the DoT of Burden of Sin now dealing 536 damage per stack. This is compared to the original amounts of 3,299 and 454 damage respectively.

Fatal Finesse has seen a sizeable buff higher than the rest, making it now extremely capable of wiping a raid with a single mistake. Players now take 28,870 damage and an additional 2,472 every second for 20 seconds, which is a more than 10,000 damage increase.

Impale has had its damage increased as well. Remornia will now impale each player in her path for almost 33,000 damage, increased from 26,808. This, combined with Fatal Finesse’s buff, make positioning extremely important to avoid a wipe.

Insatiable Hunger has seen a huge buff to its damage, which buffs the amount that Denathrius heals by default. The ability’s damage has been increased to 98,984 physical damage up from 61,865, healing Denathrius for 150% of the amount of damage dealt. Damage is still reduced for each player in the Night Hunter’s path.

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Each Nathrian Hymn – Duskhollow, Evershade, Gloomveil, and Sinsear – has seen an increase to its damage as well. As the damage remains uniform, each ability had its damage increased from 2062 to 2268.

As of writing this, no group has made it to Mythic Denathrius, so it’s difficult to compare these to previous standards aside from simply putting the numbers together. Undoubtedly, though, these sizeable buffs will make the fight considerably more difficult for the World First raiders when they finally make it to Denathrius.