Blizzard Releases A New World Of Warcraft: Classic Survey, Hinting Towards Game’s Future

Blizzard Releases A New World Of Warcraft: Classic Survey, Hinting Towards Game’s Future
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Since before the release of World of Warcraft: Classic, players were already debating the future of the title and what the next step would be after it was released. It seems like Blizzard is back to hint at more answers to that question.

Recently, Blizzard sent out a survey for Classic players to fill out in order to help them gauge interest. These questions are heavily focused on the decisions players would make in regard to a World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade version of Classic.

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The questions presented include (but aren’t limited to) the following examples:

  • How interested are you in a Classic version of The Burning Crusade?
  • How likely are you to play a Classic version of the Burning Crusade?
  • Where do you think you would spend more time (between a new Classic client reset to Day 1 or The Burning Crusade Classic).

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One of the more interesting questions regards what would be done with the Classic client itself. It seems that Blizzard is considering “Fresh Start” servers where all progress is reset to the day of release to begin the cycle again.

The details of a fresh start server aren’t fully known, but from the way the developers word it, it seems as if their intent would be to reset back to the day of release and usher out the content in the same phases as the Classic client has undergone since then.

Most of this comes from the following question:

“If World of Warcraft introduced a new WoW Classic ‘fresh start’ realm where the game is as it was on Day 1… and content unlocks/progresses over time, how interested would you be in playing on that realm?”

To be clear, Blizzard states exactly what would be missing – everyone is level 1 again, Molten Core and Onyxia are the only raids available, and battlegrounds have yet to be released. Players would be waiting for content all over again at the same intervals it was delivered this time.

As far as a Burning Crusade Classic realm, it seems that these would have players starting at 58 – the level originally intended to begin the Outlands content of the expansion – and go from there. The survey doesn’t seem to hint towards carrying characters over.

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Burning Crusade Classic servers have been in discussion for quite a while, with many assuming this would be the path that Blizzard took when the Vanilla Classic servers were first announced. Currently, this seems the most likely way forward.