Nowhere Prophet Is Planning A Console Release, Explore A Single-Player Wasteland ThroughA Unique Card Game Experience

Nowhere Prophet Is Planning A Console Release, Explore A Single-Player Wasteland ThroughA Unique Card Game Experience
Credit: No More Robots via Youtube

No More Robots has announced that their single0player deck-builder Nowhere Prophet.  The dust-punk adventure will be bringing its chaotic story to a whole new audience as you learn the mystery of Crypt. In a world where civilization is broken and resources are low that the people have turned into bandits or madman.

In this broken and battered dustbowl world, the player must provide for their group of follows. Keep your follows save, build the better deck, and enjoy this unique single-player adventure in a distant world.

This single-player game provides players with procedurally generated maps. There is a high difficulty threshold mixed with permadeath mechanics. You are in an unforgiving world and players must be wary before losing their resources. There is a massive desert to cross, and only the brave or bold can survive the journey.

Any tie a member of your group suffers two consecutive wounds they can die. This is where the game’s permadeath feature really shines as members of your convoy can be killed and removed forever. This is a hard and long journey, and the end of the world is cruel. Make the best decisions for your group and try to survive until the end.

This game is played in two main parts. The first half is travel as you take the convoy through tons of different dangerous situations. Play on your strengths, avoid your weaknesses and deal with the other factions that spread across the land.

Your choices are vital as each one gives you difficult decisions. Encounter a ton of different people, places, and rewards. Be trusted into situations that put the fate of the entire convoy into your hands.

Sometimes, if your lucky, helping others can gift you with some unique rewards. For a more direct solution, you could always rob other people and use their tools to improve your deck.

Treat your convoy with extra luxuries and tools to try and keep them all alive. A new piece of armor or weapon could make the difference between life or death. Level up and learn new skills as you try to reach your goal on the otherwise of the never-ending wasteland.

This game has been inspired by Indian themes. From the culture to the color-schemes players will enjoy the grit of a post-apocalyptic world full of a wonderful soundtrack and traditional instruments.

Nowhere Prophet is available on Steam right now. The game is proud to be coming to PlayStation 4 on July 30. Other consoles are expected either on that date or the near future.