Vehicle-Based Combat Game, Crossout, Is Giving Away 500 Armoured Pumpkin Packs

Vehicle-Based Combat Game, Crossout, Is Giving Away 500 Armoured Pumpkin Packs
Credit: Crossout via YouTube

The post-apocalyptic and MMO game, Crossout, is giving away a total of 500 armored pumpkin vehicles this month. The game is akin to Mad Max with customizable vehicles that allow players to fight for their survival.

What’s good about this game is the ability to custom-build a vehicle to your liking. This includes all critical facets of your car, including the wheels, chassis, or even the rigged weapons. Simply, you can express your desires by simply equipping your vehicle with all the various in-game features.

After getting your vehicle the looks and features, players can explore the extensive map and gun down other cars on the way. Crossout is definitely an excellent game to check, considering it allows you to release your inner child and provide you with handy therapeutic work. This is because of the lack of building games with a few surprises and twists.

The game also mixes thrilling combat gameplay where you build your own weapon of mass destruction and survive through the grueling game sequence. So to mark the Halloween celebrations this year, the game dev team has decided to give players a chance to own their own Halloween-decorated pumpkin cars.

The armored pumpkin vehicle pack includes the pumpalloons décor, a few customized stickers, some decorative horns, paint cans, and an upgraded “starter vehicle.” Overall, Crossout will be giving away 500 packs via the widget.

The competition will end in two days, so players who are itching to get their vehicle geared post-Halloween can still provide their full name, and email adds to join the raffle. An active email address is needed so the code can be sent and redeemed for the price.

Crossout is an FTP vehicle combat game developed and published by Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment. The game has post-apocalyptic gameplay and happens after genetic testing that went awfully bad.

The game shares some similarities with Mad Max, particularly with the rendition of the environment. Crossout is coming from the hybrid of events and places that happened in the Ex Machina universe. This is also the same setting of the Hard Truck: Apocalypse game, which was released for the North American market.

This free-to-play vehicle combat game aims to depict the world some twenty years after the global disaster that happened in 2027. The events occur 200 years ahead of the Ex Machina disaster.