Blizzard Announced Hearthstone’s Next Expansion: Descent Of Dragons, Together With A New Featured Game Mode

Blizzard Announced Hearthstone’s Next Expansion: Descent Of Dragons, Together With A New Featured Game Mode
Credit: Hearthstone via YouTube

Blizzard has announced the next expansion for Hearthstone yesterday during Blizzcon, titled Descent of Dragons. It will feature many prominent dragons that are already in the game but will have different effects and different art.

The set will arrive in December, but the new featured game mode will be playable for a week from November 5. The new game mode is inspired by many successful Auto-Chess games, such as Underlods, Teamfight Tactics, etc.

The final expansion of the year of the dragon is an expansion filled with dragons. The new set announced by the Hearthstone creative director, Ben Thompson, will feature more dragons than there have been in any set before. The expansion is set to release on December 10 and will feature the final of the lore battle between the League of E.V.I.L and the League of Explorers.

The expansion will feature many new mechanics and a new keyword: Invoke. The new keyword is tied to a new, mighty hero card that will be upgradable through three forms. The transformations can happen while the card is in the deck of the player — a similar interaction such as C’Thun, where you could buff him as well without drawing him.

Everyone will receive a copy of Galakrond upon logging once the set is live on December 10 so that the players will get familiar with the card quick. Every E.V.I.L class will have a different version of Galakrond, and everyone will get a copy of each type. The classes with Galakrond are Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. For Mage, Hunter, and Druid, there will be cards with side quests to compensate for the power received from Galakrond. The side quests are slightly less powerful compared to the original, already known quests.

An example of a side quest that will be released was shown on the stream – ‘Learn Draconic’, spend eight mana on spells, and the reward is a 6/6 dragon.

Every class will receive a legendary dragon. Druid will get a new version of Ysera, which shuffles seven portals into the deck when drawn; they will summon a random dragon.

As for the new mode, it will be called Hearthstone Battlegrounds, where the player will take the role of a familiar hero from Hearthstone history, craft a board of minions and face off in duels until a winner is crowned. The community’s favorite bartender, Bob, will return and will be facing you in the fights.

The players have been asking for a new game mode for many years. Their wish has been finally fulfilled. Many players think that the competition from other trading card games has finally reached Blizzard’s pockets and this is a direct response to it, to bring back players.

Early access is available from November 5 to players who have pre-purchased the next expansion or have purchased a Blizzcon ticket. On November 12, the open beta will launch, where everyone will be able to play.