A New Officially Minecraft Novel Called The ShipWreck Written By The Author CB Lee

A New Officially Minecraft Novel Called The ShipWreck Written By The Author CB Lee
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a vastly popular game with 131 million active monthly players, leading to an overall increase in new Minecraft media, which is currently under development. These new forms of entertainment are ranging from a movie which was created under development with Warner Bros, and a book focused on the Arch-Illager.

The newest book focused on the Minecraft universe is called The Shipwreck. This book was released on November 3rd and is available in a hardcover format or through an Audiobook, or even a kindle book.

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The Shipwreck book has been written by CB Lee and has been officially endorsed by Mojang as one of the few official Minecraft novels currently available.

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The book focuses heavily on a new character called Jake Thomas and how he’s been forced to move around a lot thanks to his dad’s job keeping him from creating a stable friend group or even from getting friends at all.

Jake found two friends in Tank Vuong and Emily Quesada; this new friend group found a Minecraft server in the apartment community center’s basement.

This Minecraft server contains cryptic riddles, which the friends have to figure out and solve these riddles through a variety of Minecraft-based adventures. These adventures have the friends journeying to the depths of the ocean, where they will interact with various creatures, all in an attempt to gain the treasure located there.

When the friends run into a riddle, they can find the hints left by the Wizard. This Wizard may have left hints for our heroes, but he is incredibly enigmatic, and the hints will never be straightforward.

Minecraft players that want to explore this fantastic different book can pick it up on Amazon for the low cost of $12.58 but will take one to two days to ship after being bought, as this is the hardcover copy of the book.

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If interested readers have a kindle device or are willing to download the kindle app, they can enjoy this book immediately for a lower overall cost as the kindle version of The Shipwreck is only $10.99 on Amazon.

The final way that interested readers can enjoy this book is through an Audiobook, and is free if you signup for an audible trial. This means you can listen to this book read while enjoying playing Minecraft yourself!