Minecraft Java Realms Features New Spooky Items For Players Who Wish To Feel Scared This Halloween!

Minecraft Java Realms Features New Spooky Items For Players Who Wish To Feel Scared This Halloween!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Java Realms periodically added new and fantastic items to the Realm Servers; the Java Realms gets monthly additions and gets updates during holiday seasons. These holiday seasons include Halloween, which is on October 31st.

The Java Realms recently added new features in both September and October, which added ten different items. These months consisted of new player maps and new player skins, which players can easily enjoy by downloading these fantastic additions.

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These monthly updates make the Minecraft Java Realms a much better purchase compared to a third-party server, which may not offer as many features as a Minecraft Realm. These new maps are easily switched between when compared to a third-party server service.

The Java Realms also gets an update during holiday seasons, which also adds various new maps and features that players can download and enjoy with ease.

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Mojang Studios added five new maps to the Java Realms, in addition to these new maps, Mojang Studios also added new features for a variety of maps that have already been implemented into the Java Realms.

Some of these maps include Dead Meadow, Pumpkin Party Remastered, The HauntPuzzled House, Confinement 2, and the Underground Capital.

The map, Pumpkin Party, remastered, features a total of six minigames to get enough candies to unlock a new costume that anime fans may find interesting. This costume is called Piglin-Chan.

The Dead Meadow map seems like a pretty tame pastime for a normally spooky holiday, Halloween. This map is incredibly detailed but features a lot of PVP combat that players can easily enjoy during this incredibly spook holiday.

The UnderGround Captial also features an interesting city design of the Nether, where players can ride the striders to the new buildings that have been created an interesting way.

This update also features a map called the HauntPuzzled House and the Confinement 2, which keeps the spooky feeling that any Halloween maps should feature. The HauntPuzzled House features a purple block design and a more complex house.

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These maps aren’t the only change to Minecraft Java Realms; five different maps now have a spooky and scary update, aligning more with the Halloween spirit. These Minecraft Java Realms include Halloween Chaos, Biome Builds, Disaster Star Survival, Illemana Defense, and the final map that has a Halloween update DuelTNT.