Minecraft Java Realms (October) : Want To Ride With Dragons Or Play On A Yacht Then These New Additions Are Perfect!

Minecraft Java Realms (October) : Want To Ride With Dragons Or Play On A Yacht Then These New Additions Are Perfect!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Realms are Minecraft servers that are provided by Mojang Studios and available through their own option in the Minecraft menus. Mojang Studios update the realms with new fantastic add-ons through the Minecraft Marketplace.

The realm maps are updated every month and can range from just adding new skins to brand new game modes that have been created by Minecraft players.

Anime Cool Teens

This skin pack is perfect for the Anime nerds that want to feel like their favorite anime character. This pack comes with fourteen anime skins that are all inspired by anime cultures.

These skins look fantastic and range from white hair and purple eyes or black hair and brown eyes, seemingly having a skin for anyone looking to get the anime experience.

These fantastic skins were all created by Black Arts Studios.


This is another skin pack but this is different when compared to previous skin packs as it focuses on creating trendy skins for teens in Minecraft. These skins look fantastic and should be perfect for any teen looking to play Minecraft.

DockLands: Roleplay

This roleplay is different from other roleplays in Minecraft, This roleplay sees you on a Yacht and on DockLands that features a large city and over eighteen models which range from motorcycles and cars.

This Marketplace item offers a wide range of flexibility for players, as the surrounding area features banks and even construction zones.


Flying on Dragons is something that many players wish they could enjoy in real-life but having it in Minecraft may just be the second-best thing. The Dragons Marketplace item created by INPVP allows players to ride and enjoy their flying friends with ease!

This item has up to six dragons which can easily be ridden and allow the player to explore not only a custom landscape but also three huge castles. These dragons range from Chinese styled to two-headed dragons with a good amount of variety between all six dragons.

The Haunted Neighborhood

This item allows players to get into the feeling of Halloween with ease, the Haunted neighborhood features an endless night, evil monsters that have taken over this once-quiet neighborhood.

Players need to play through the story of the neighborhood which will cause them to fight against werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and even creepy clowns!