Minecraft Realms Plus August: New Game Modes Featuring New Skins And New Maps

Minecraft Realms Plus August: New Game Modes Featuring New Skins And New Maps
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Realms Plus gets updated monthly, we’ve covered the past three months updated that have added skin packs and game modes. The past three months were May, June, and July, which added a lot of value to subscription service.

Extraordinary Animals

The first user creation that was added Extraordinary Animals was created CubeCraft Games. This skin pack features a total of twenty skins, and two free skins as well.

These two skins are the Chimpanzee and Panda while the other twenty skins can be checked out at the Minecraft Marketplace!

Pizza Delivery Simulator

Simulator games have been rising in popularity recently, and with Minecraft’s impressive close to 132 million monthly players, the Pizza delivery simulator is a perfect combination of the two! In this game, It’s your job to deliver pizza for your hungry customers while earning BUX to upgrade your ride!

This game mode gives not only bikes but also cars and trucks. Alongside those vehicles, but also 14 skins included and has been created by 57Digital.


25 BBB Studios created TNTS, and this creation adds more unique and exciting TNT blocks. These TNT blocks add a total of 25 new variations ranging from just slightly more powerful TNT blocks to what seems to offer the ability to throw the TNT blocks.

This pack offers everything from small bombs, big booms, which would be the perfect addition to any griefers or TNT miners dream. This pack can allow you to mine much easier with these TNT blocks.

Space Adventure

Space Adventure offers a drastically different gameplay experience, Shooting aliens with your Space Blaster and as a Commander, you can lead your crew on a journey across the galaxy is not only one but three expansive chapters. Everbloom Studios created space Adventure.

Minecraft has been reinvented with AI and even a dark yet meaningful story, the main villain, Dark Menance, is currently waiting for you. This pack also offers an original soundtrack, professionally voiced characters, and even two separate endings.

Butterfly Kingdom

If you are looking for a more down to earth adventure, then the Butterfly Kingdom pack is a perfect choice. This pack allows you to become a prince or a princess of your choice as a prince or princess of your kingdom, exploring your land while inside your carriage. Imagiverse created the Butterfly Kingdom pack.

This pack allows touring the castle and gardens to look for hidden gems and even enable you to choose your favorite music in multiple locations!