Minecraft’s Newest Combat Snapshot 8c Features An Way To Upgrade A Player’s Shield!

Minecraft’s Newest Combat Snapshot 8c Features An Way To Upgrade A Player’s Shield!
Credit: The Ancient Gaming Noob

Minecraft gets another combat snapshot, which is significantly different when compared to Minecraft‘s standard update. Players cannot just download this update from the Minecraft player client. Instead, players will need to go and download the file from Reddit. Then after downloading this update, players will need to add the update to the Minecraft folder manually.

Sadly, this means Minecraft Bedrock edition players aren’t able to download and playtest the combat snapshots. However, these snapshots could potentially get added into Minecraft itself in a future standard Minecraft snapshot.

These updates often change a variety of different combat attributes, ranging from adding the ability to stack potions to changing how shields work. The last combat snapshot update reported was combat snapshot 7c, which added the ability to stack potions and removed the interruption feature to eating.

The two newest updates, Combat Snapshot 8b and 8c, both offer some significant changes to how combat could work in Minecraft. Combat Snapshot 8b returns the interruption feature to eating, returns the bow fatigue that can appear if players hold the bow for too long.

This snapshot does take a variety of balance changes, and these include Weapon enchantments are now included in the base damage when the game is calculating crits and potions effects.

The Strength potion has been changed considerably. Strength I/II now add +20%/+40% instead of doing just +3/+6 damage. Healing potions now also heals six points per level instead of just four points.

The Cleaving enchantment also increases the damage of axes; originally, the Cleaving enchantment did +1/+2/+3; the change makes the Cleaving enchantment do +2/+3/+4.

One very interesting change that was made in the 8b combat update is the fact that liquid food, including stew, honey, and milk, will now be consumed faster; this increase changes the time it takes to eat the food from 32 ticks to just 20 ticks.

This update has also featured two major bug fixes, a fix to the shield protection arcs, and improved the server-side attack range calculations.

The Combat Snapshot 8c doesn’t offer as many changes, but this snapshot does offer a significant change to shields that some players might find interesting.

This snapshot allows players to upgrade their shields; players can do this get to change the shield’s absorption value from five to ten. This significantly higher absorption value means that players don’t have to worry about a creeper sneaking on them.

Players shouldn’t get used to upgrading shields by using banners; this is the easiest way of testing different kinds of shields without adding new items to the game of Minecraft.