Fishkeeper Is An Upcoming Aquarium Game Inspired By The Sims

Fishkeeper Is An Upcoming Aquarium Game Inspired By The Sims
Credit: Fishkeeper

If you have ever wanted to be a professional aquarium keeper then this title may be up your ally. Fishkeeper is a unique game inspired by the Sims that combines management and simulation in a unique fish-filled experience. This title is a peaceful chance to have a fish tank and take care of these aquarium creatures.

Play as a fish hobbyist as you buy a tank, buy equipment, decorate and take care of the fish. You will have to satisfy each fish’s needs and make sure they are kept healthy and cared for. This game accounts for everything from food to water pH levels so be prepared for an in-depth fish-keeping experience.

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In Fishkeeper players will become a professional aquarist. Look after the aquarium, give the fish food, company, and good conditions. Watch as the fish multiply, sell the best fish at auction and gain even more options to fill your tank.

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Players have full creative control over the fish tank. Add plants, decorate, take care of fish, and watch as they enjoy their unique environment. The game has several unique features allowing players a unique fish-keeping experience.

This game mixes economic strategy alongside simulation. Players will need to meet their fish’s needs as they observe the fish in real-time. There is a lot that goes into this hobby so be careful to not harm your beautiful creatures.

Gather a variety of freshwater, marine, coral, shrimp, snails, and other aquatic species. Keep them all in your aquarium and monitor the condition to make sure all your guests are happy with their stay.

Everything is customizable from the size of the tank to the shape of it. Watch as your aquarium comes to life in front of your eyes and breed rare fish for auction and trade.

When you want a relaxing break you can explore the world of the fish using the unique bathyscape. This remote-controlled machine allows you to clean the tank and view the environment from the fish perspective. This is a relaxing and calm game that is perfect for anyone wanting to spend some free time.

This title is great for all ages. It is educational and contains tons of fishy experience just waiting to be had.

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Fishkeeper has no release date as of yet. This title does have an active Steam page for fans to wishlist the title. It is unknown if this game will make it to console communities.