The Humorous Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Physical Edition

The Humorous Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Physical Edition
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Untitled Goose Game has been one of the better hidden gems in recent memory. The concept of playing as a goose may sound pretty commonplace, but in actual practice, it’s one heck of a good time.

House House created a humorous stealth sandbox masterpiece and it has caught on within the gaming community like wildfire. Ever since its release, though, it has only been available in digital form. That’s all changing thanks to iam8bit. They plan on putting out a physical release known as the Lovely Edition.

It will be available on both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch sometime later in 2020. If you opt to get the physical release, you’ll also be treated to a foldout map, a sticker, and an in-universe shopping catalog. That’s not too bad of a deal all things considered.

The physical release should bring a whole new crop of fans to this zany sandbox experience, which was so successful that it won Game of the Year at the Dice Awards. That’s quite the accomplishment considering it went up against the likes of Death Stranding and other AAA titles.

Those picking up the physical edition and playing Untitled Goose Game for the first time can expect non-stop hilarious action. You’ll get to go around causing mischief around a beautifully designed town as a goose.

As the villagers go about their day, you’ll annoy the the crap out of them in unique ways. The stealth aspect comes into play when you approach villagers. Get too close and make too much of a fuss and they’ll send you packing. However, if you come up with just the perfect distraction, you can create all kinds of unique reactions.

You can take the villagers’ possessions and make their day even worse. There is no stopping you if you play your cards right. Who knew such a simple concept could be this fun?

iam8bit will be working diligently to get the physical edition ready for new and returning fans. Any time a hit game like this gets a physical release, that’s always a cause for celebration. There’s something special about holding it in your hands seeing the cover art and other details.

It also will be interesting to see how much better the sales will be for Untitled Goose Game after it receives the Lovely Edition. The sky seems like the limit. Whether you pick it up on the PS4 or Switch, there are all kinds of goose mayhem just waiting to be enjoyed.